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Thursday, April 01, 2004
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Diebold Unwelcome In Vermont

The Vermont House today took one step closer to passing S.2021, "an act relating to voting machines" which includes this section:

No voting shall occur in any general election which does not use printed ballots.

When our ballots are counted, you can be sure who the electorate intended Vermont's 3 Electoral College votes to go for. I guess we Vermonters are just a bit smarter than Floridians...


1 - The committee on Local Government reported in favor of passage, and a third reading has been ordered. The Senate passed it on 2/19/2004.

[Update: the bill passed on 4/2/2004.]

[One other note: the law also says: The secretary of state shall provide for the security of voting machines at all times...The secretary of state may conduct a random post election audit of any polling place election results for a primary or general election within 30 days of the election.

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