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Thursday, March 11, 2004
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Spain's 9/11

By now all of you have heard that there were multiple bombings in Madrid, Spain, causing at least 190 deaths. Proportional to Spain's population, that's a little more than twice about half as deadly as 9/11*. Absolutely monstrous, and my heart goes out to the victims and their families.

Speculation would be dangerous at this point, but it seems most likely that ETA is to blame. However, there are reports of evidence that could point to an AQ connection. I recall all sorts of information in the wake of Oklahoma City that indicated Arab terrorism when domestic terrorists were responsible, so who knows so early in the investigation.

The current CNN Quickvote asks "Is the U.S. prepared to stop the kind of terror attack that happened in Spain?" Quite frankly, I'd say no. I mean, really, with BushCo only paying lipservice to domestic security, occassionally jacking up the alert color, and ignoring root causes of terror, how on earth can we prevent any motivated group from committing such crimes on our soil? As our wise VP himself said, I think it's only a matter of time before another attack happens here. I hope against hope that it won't be the case, and that we can overcome this global scourge, but I'm not going to be all that optimistic until we install some sane leadership.


PS--A wingnut commenter was whining over at Calpundit that "nobody on the Left" was blogging about Madrid (ignoring that Atrios, a little-known blogger, had first thing this AM). Well, I just have. Satisfied? I didn't think so...

* [Update: crap, I inverted the numbers: 9/11 was twice as bad. Horrific all the same. Appropriate corrections made.] 

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