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Wednesday, March 03, 2004
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Now that Kerry's the Dem nominee, I will support him, but I still wax nostalgiac for the "good ole days" of last year when anything was possible. Bear with me as I take a trip down amnesia lane...

* June 27, 2003 (my second week of blogging!) - All Your Base Are Belong to Dean:

Howie's coming off an impressive trouncing of Kucinich, who is arguably more lefty than Dean, in the MoveOn primary. As I've noted before, Dean's really not all that liberal when you get down to it, so it's cool to see that progressive elements in the party are getting behind him.

* July 15, 2003 - The Deanster Revolution:

[A]s improbable as it would have seemed three months ago, some Capitol Hill political realists have now accepted — even embraced — the notion that Dean will end up as the Democratic nominee. "I want to beat Bush and I think Dean is the best guy to do that," said a senior Senate Democratic staffer, who spoke to on condition that he not be named. "I'm convinced he’s going to win the nomination. He has won 'the inspiration primary' and he won the fund-raising primary," leading all Democratic contenders with $7.5 million raised in the second quarter.

* November 9, 2003 - Howard Dean, Superstar:

What can we do about this Howie Mania?
How can we deal with the Governor Doc?
Where do we start with a man who is bigger
Than George was when George did his anti-war thing?

Thanks for a great run, Howard. I look forward to your announcement on March 18th...


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