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Saturday, March 13, 2004
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President Admits His Economic Policies Are A Miserable Failure

Mr. Bush's radio address today:

Some politicians in Washington see this new [economic] challenge, and they want to respond in old, ineffective ways.

While the President criticized protectionist policies, he neglected to mention the steel tariffs his administration imposed in a cynical political gambit to secure votes in Rust Belt states. Mr. Bush went on to say that his tax cuts, which have resulted in nearly flat job growth despite administration claims that they would create millions of new jobs, should be made permanent. He then called Senator John Kerry, his opponent in this year's presidential election, a poopy head.


[Correction: It has been brought to the editor's attention that Mr. Bush in fact did not call Mr. Kerry a poopy head. The NTodd Times regrets the error. Sorta.] 

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