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Thursday, March 04, 2004
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Ketchup Advisory

Ayn Clouter:

While small minds like Rove and Santorum obsess about the spreading rebellion of silly local governments actually performing gay marriages (which, in Jefferson's words, "neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket"), they are ignoring the real, ever growing threat of spouses using husbands as stalking horses to seize power for themselves, so that they can enact their Feminist Agenda. (I procured a copy of this, from an infiltrator I'll call "Deep Cigar", for just one day from the last administration. It began "1. Awake, 2. Get botox shot, 3. Do mercy hand relief of hubby, 4. Replace several staffers with female personal loyalists....")

Everyone knows about the always looming danger of the Oval Office In Exile operated by the Rodhamites. That callous carpetbagger is not alone. Like Black Widows, these psychic castraters realize the biological usefulness of not putting all their eggs in one web. More people are catching onto the equally insidious dreams of power by the Ketchup Queen whose whipped puppet has now effectively locked up the Demagogic nomination...

As outrageous as always--quite a contrast to her good twin...


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