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Monday, March 01, 2004
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Dum Spiro, Spero

I ran out to get some lunch and on the radio (a Clear Channel station, no less) I heard an ad extolling the virtues of voting for Dean in the 3/2 primary. It was from a 527 called Truth and Hope. Here's what the founder says:

Dean put the backbone back into the Democratic party and will continue to do so at the convention. Your vote for Dean in the gives him delegates from our grassroots who will fight for us. They will push for national health coverage, an end to this disastrous war in Iraq, environmentally sound energy policies, plus more money for schools, and AIDS funding, but none for corporate tax-dodgers. We've helped Dean build a grassroots organization bigger than the Christian Coalition. A vote for Dean makes our new progressive American movement even more robust. If you want a responsive, citizen-focused Democratic party, join me in voting for Dean on March 2nd.

In November we will ALL fully support whoever the Democratic nominee is against Bush, but we want this nominee to reflect our values and our concerns. Together, we will take back our country from the corrupt special interests who serve only themselves, not America. We can do this, and we must. Vote for Dean delegates on March 2nd. Let’s take our party back!

So everybody in Super Tuesday states, whether you support Dean, Edwards, Kerry or one of the others, vote your conscience tomorrow! Especially you Dean supporters--don't let hindsight bias influence you.


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