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Sunday, March 14, 2004
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Bombings In Madrid, Iraq Prove War On Terror Succeeding


Spain's interior minister said early Sunday that a videotape has been discovered claiming that Al Qaeda carried out train terrorist attacks on Thursday that killed hundreds, but that its authenticity could not be confirmed. Several hours earlier, Spain arrested three Moroccans and two Indians in connection with the bombings.

With Al Qaeda on the run and completely incapable of conducting terrorist activities, I think we can safely declare victory now, just as we'll be able to soon in Iraq:

Bomb attacks in Baghdad killed four U.S. soldiers, the Army said on Sunday, bringing to nine the number of troops killed in Iraq in the last four days by explosives planted by guerrillas to target American patrols.

While there was no mention of WMD being found, which would completely justify the soldiers' deaths, I'm sure the New York Times' Judith Miller will find something soon. But whatever--clearly our fly paper strategy continues to be effective.


[Correction: Al Qaeda apparently is capable of conducting terrorist activities, and no WMD will ever be found in Iraq.] 

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