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Monday, December 01, 2003
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What? Stunts Aren't Enough?

Apparently you actually have to do something to appear like you're doing something, if I read McPaper correctly:

A triumphant trip to Baghdad doesn't guarantee President Bush soaring poll ratings, the permanent defanging of his opponents or an end to his problems.

Bush's stealthy visit to spend Thanksgiving with U.S. troops generated front-page headlines and positive reviews...

But by Sunday, the afterglow had started to fade. The news from Iraq was grim. Two U.S. soldiers were killed. A total of 79 Americans died in combat in Iraq in November, making it the bloodiest month of the war. Criticism resumed.

(via Lunaville)

Eventually maybe BushCo will learn that PR stunts and photo ops are not the way to solve our problems. Backdrops that say "JOBS" and turkey dinners in Baghdad only go so far. If they highlighted effective policy, that would be one thing, but this stagecraft-obsessed administration has failed to back up their events with tangible, positive results. And the American public is starting to clue into that.

All I want for Christmas is a real President.


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