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Thursday, November 06, 2003
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Wingnut Debate Dictionary

Available now at Ethel the Blog (via Atrios). Note that a modified version of _ex rectum_, suggested here by faithful reader Mustang Bobby, made it on the list:

deus ex rectum: when arguing an increasingly unsupportable position, one suddenly and out of nowhere pulls a totally non-sequitur BS long-discreted right-wing meme out of one's ass.

I posted it in the Eschaton discussion thread that started this whole thing. And note this entry:

anorecdotalism: when presented with statistics, they respond with a story about meeting an anonymous little old lady @ bus stop or grocery store & whatever she told them is more credible than ANY kind of facts or figures we can provide.

An Atrios reader suggested the definition but couldn't supply a term, and I suggested a few variations of "anecdotalism", such as "anecdoltism". Either it's just spelled wrong in the dictionary, or copy and paste error, or somebody suggested a modification--I like my versions better, of course!

Anyway, check it out. There are some funny items.


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