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Saturday, November 08, 2003
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Why I'm Not A Democrat

Because of this bonehead*:

"Three months ago, Governor Dean was saying what a Democratic principle it is to have campaign finance reform and what a big issue it would be if someone stepped outside," Kerry said Saturday in Concord, New Hampshire.

"That's when he wasn't raising a lot of money. Now, Mr. Change-Your-Opinion-for-Expediency is saying, 'Oh, I'm now able to raise money. Maybe we should get out of the system.' I think somewhere along the line, fundamental principles are important," Kerry said.

Even Terry McAuliffe has said Dems should consider giving up the Federal money. And 85% of us Dean supporters who voted this week agreed that he should forego accepting matching funds.

So fuck you, John Kerry. Fuck you and your stupid spin. Fuck you and your desperation which is only inflicting damage on your own party.

Expect Kerry to "flip flop" soon himself. Ketchup money will flow freely into the Kerry campaign so he can go negative in an attempt to cut Dean's 14 point lead in NH. I don't think it will work. Every time people attack, Dean's numbers and fundraising goes up another notch. Even with his "trouble" this week, he got two major endorsements in the bag and raised a cool half million the past two days (and got $5M in pledges).

Time for the Dems to remember who they should be focusing their anger on: George W. Bush. If you lose '04, I'll be angrier with you than you are with Nader. And that's saying something.


* At faithful reader Lilith's suggestion, I'd like to clarify one thing: Revoltin' John Kerry is the bonehead. 

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