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Saturday, November 01, 2003
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Sam is in good health and will be introduced to the other family members soon. Before that, though, I still need some time to recover from my first hangover since college.

Where'd I get the hangover? At last night's murder mystery party, which helped raise funds for Estrogen Fest 2004, an annual weekend of women's film and performance art. First time in a long while we'd not been home to fill the kids up with candy. And we didn't get egged or anything!

Anyway, the party was fun. We were waited upon by Madame CJ Walker, other tables had Dorothy Parker, Marlene Dietrich, Eleanor of Aquitaine and some others I can't remember. Eva Peron brought us wine.

And then some rich guy was murdered with arsenic, and we spent the evening trying to figure out who did it. I wasn't much help, since I was pretty damn drunk. The guy's brother did it (which I'd guessed before the murder had even happened). And then we saw a cool montage of horror movies with women in main roles. What a great night!

I'll get to some blogging in a bit. First: more coffee.


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