Dohiyi Mir
    In Which NTodd Says His Peace

Monday, November 24, 2003
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Sorry, More FEC

Battery's fully charged and I've got a 64 meg card, so what do you expect? Only family-oriented feline exploitation curiosa, of course.

Sam likes to use us for shelter, much like Saffron likes to use us as furniture.

My wife is so talented: she can entertain two animals at once. Three, if you count distracting Sam long enough so Saffron can nap.

Thankfully, Sam is pretty self-winding and will attack himself if none of our limbs are available.

Finally calming down...

...a little head rub always helps (well, unless he's getting into kitten mode and spins to attack).

Cairo likes to hoard her toys like a dragon hoards treasure. But really, she just wants Daddy to go play. I'm such a sucker...

...and I come back to find my seat occupied.


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