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Tuesday, November 04, 2003
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Senate Shirks Responsibility In Iraq


[T]he Senate yesterday gave final approval on a voice vote to the massive $87.5-billion spending bill for military operations and rebuilding in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Adoption without a recorded vote was unusual for a spending bill of such magnitude and came after leaders of both parties agreed late last week not to hold another recorded vote on the nation's largest wartime spending measure in history.

The cowards can't even go on record as to how they voted. An absolute disgrace.

Senator Byrd, as usual, stood up for what's right, and uttered what might be prophetic words:

In 280 BC, Pyrrhus, the ruler of Epirus in Northern Greece, took his formidable armies to Italy and defeated the Romans at Heraclea, and again at Asculum in 279 BC, but suffered unbearably heavy losses. "One more such victory and I am lost," he said.

It is to Pyrrhus that we owe the term "pyrrhic victory," to describe a victory so costly as to be ruinous. This supplemental, and the policy which it supports, unfortunately, may prove to be a pyrrhic victory for the Bush Administration.

...This is not a good bill for our troops in Iraq. This is not a good bill for American taxpayers. This is not good policy for the United States. ...I oppose it and I will vote No on final passage.

Thank you, Senator. And let's hope our war in Iraq doesn't end up being another pyrrhic victory.


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