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Monday, November 24, 2003
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Quick Blogaround

I'm still being lame and not linking to enough good posts, but let me quickly try to salve my guilt a bit with these suggestions:

* How to Save the World nails it with TERRORISM IS A REACTION, NOT AN ACTION. This will be going into my Collection of Solutions for Bloggers Parliament.

* In honor of Daschle's appearance yesterday on MTP, and his support of the bogus energy bill, I bring your attention to this post from Opinions That You Should Have on Saturday: Daschle To Filibuster Self. Someday we'll have real oppo leadership, but not while Tom's in charge.

* The Fulcrum tells us about Freedom of the Press - Baghdad Style.

* Notes on the Atrocities ranks the Democratic candidates and provides some interesting analysis.

* Pen-Elayne has some cat pics, er...some concerns about the new acting Iraqi ambassador to the US.

* Shock and Awe reads the email newsletter from the National Federation of Republican Assemblies so we don't have to.

* Pacific Views discusses our fading freedoms.


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