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Monday, November 10, 2003
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OSP Selections For Monday

In addition to the League posts below, you must also read the following OSP content:

* Natalie Davis looks at the way the justice system deals with the poor. Generally, they just throw them in jail, because poor people really can't afford good lawyers. Mostly, she focuses on Georgia, where this has become a more public problem, but she also has examples from other states. Equality is a great slogan and catchphrase, but when money is the key to the courthouse, the poor are going to lose out nearly every time.

* Palmer Haas has a report from day one at the National Conference on Media Reform. For those who have not heard of it, the National Conference on Media Reform is basically an effort by people who would like to see a news media that acts more like it did during Watergate than how it did during Whitewatergate. More Frontline, less Fox News. Here's hoping they can get somewhere with it.

* P. G. Gandy has some introspective thoughts on religion, all because of a simple optional question posed by a Notre Dame law school application. For her, it is not as easy to explain as one might expect.


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