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Friday, November 07, 2003
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OSP Reading For A Cold, Grey Friday

I've got more grunt work to do today, but I'll try to blog to keep my sanity. In the meantime, here's some OSP reading for the day:

* Another installment of Banging My Head Against the Wall: Refuting Ann Coulter. This time, Ann thinks that liberals are bad! No one was surprised. And, as Kenneth so efficiently points out, most of her points don't actually make sense in the real world.

* Stephen Ambrose - The Historian's Dilemma - Does Stephen Ambrose's plagiarism threaten to sour us on history? OSP's resident historian Kenneth Quinnell ponders another historian's ethical shortcomings.

* You mean Justice Brown is Black? - Earl Dunovant has a news flash for conservatives: Liberals will oppose any federal court nominee who has a clearly anti-progressive activist record on the bench. But because she's black? Who do they think they're kidding?

* Say It Ain't So? - Guy Andrew Hall explains why President Bush's advisers keep him away from the press as much as possible.

* Emergency! - P. G. Gandy has the story of an emergency in Sri Lanka. The President of Sri Lanka has declared a state of emergency. The Parliament has been suspended by the President and three high ranking government ministers have been fired. Troops have been deployed in the capital city. It is not a high water mark for Sri Lanka’s democracy.


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