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Saturday, November 22, 2003
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Operators Are Standing By

Here's some info about the indy film my friends are shooting this weekend, according of faithful reader Bill Simmon:

The film is called "The Perfect Goodnight Kiss." It is being made three different times by three different filmmakers. I myself (a straight man) will be directing the lesbian version of the film, San Francisco-based filmmaker, Alex Woolfson (a gay man), will direct the straight version, and Burlington filmmaker, Alexis Holloway (a straight woman), will direct the gay-male version. Same script--three different perspectives.

The Perfect Goodnight Kiss is shooting throughout November and December and should be completed and ready to premiere by the end of January 2004. It will be submitted to film festivals throughout next year with an eye on the bigger festivals in the fall (Sundance, etc.). Executives at Miramax Films and the Independent Feature Project have already expressed interest in seeing the film.

They need about 6 grand total to get this puppy done. If you've got any spare change (after donating to Howard Dean's campaign), please consider supporting indy film and send the filmmakers a few bucks. Use the following handy dandy support levels as a guide:

$1 - $50 (Buff)
$50 - $200 (Mogul)
$200 - $500 (Player)
$500 - $1000 (Executive Producer)
$1000 - $5000 (Studio Head)
$5000 + (Jerry Bruckheimer)

So make a donation with your credit card via PayPal today to get your start as a big time movie investor!


PS--The lesbian version was shot last weekend, and the gay-male version is happening this weekend. 

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