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Saturday, November 29, 2003
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Open Letter To The League Of Liberals

I see that a few of our members have been caught red-handed gaming TTLB traffic rankings:

[S]ix weblogs are being put on notice that they are about to be suspended from the Ecosystem. If suspended, their entries will not be displayed on any Ecosystem pages (either by traffic ranking or by links); their links will not count to other weblogs, and their votes will not count in the New Weblog Showcase.

The reason for these suspensions is that it has come to my attention via the Commissar that some weblogs are posting multiple SiteMeter counters on their pages which point to other weblogs.

Come on, folks, let's be grown up here. I'm all for increasing the visibility of liberal blogs, but I was always under the impression that we would do it by working hard, posting compelling content and promoting our blogs in effective, above-board ways. I see the usual "are you surprised Lefties would do something underhanded" comments already springing up on TTLB, and I for one am pissed that this happened.

We are better than this childish attempt to boost some blog's rankings. It might be silly, but I've been happy and proud of my slow increase of traffic and stature since I started blogging in June. To see others try to circumvent a system that NZ Bear has created for fun and the good of the blogosphere while I've been patiently attempting to grow my readership really is insulting. Further, it damages our cause, such as it is, because our reputation is a tarnished.

Let's start acting like the good guys again. We are right, the truth will out, and we don't need to play stupid games. The League has been good to me, and I'd hate to turn in my secret decoder ring, but I will if shit like this continues. To those who bent the rules, I would ask that you rectify the situation at once and do not try any such tricks again in the future. Let's focus on getting our message out in less nefarious ways.


PS--The Commissar is a poopy head.

[Update: there's been quite a discussion on the League mailing list, as well as at TTLB. Also, Barry has responded to the "charges" on his site. These meta-blogging discussions can be so lame, so I'm not going to discuss this here any longer, though I might continue posting thoughts/updates on my Notes page.] 

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