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Wednesday, November 05, 2003
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One Last Thing About Dean And The Freaking Confederate Flag

This is what really pisses me off about the Dems jumping all over Dean last night:

Always a master of political timing, Howard Dean hopes to change the topic today from being taken to task last night in Boston (it's never good to be compared to Stonewall Jackson) to his potentially historic decision to abandon campaign spending caps.

John Mercurio of CNN's "Political Unit" botches things right out of the gate. The reference to Stonewall Jackson was made by Rev. Sharpton in this exchange from the debate:

DEAN: We're not going to win in this country, and even worse, Democrats, if we don't have a big tent. And I'm going to tell you right now, Reverend, you're right. I am not a bigot. And Jesse Jackson Jr. endorsed me and has stood up for what I said.
SHARPTON: [That] sounds more like Stonewall Jackson than Jesse Jackson...

So Mercurio can't even bother himself to read the transcript correctly, nonsensically assigning the Stonewall Jackson comparison to Dean, and not Jesse Jackson. What's more, this proverbial tempest in a teacup now let's the SCLM can play the "Dean's campaign is struggling" meme, as this CNN photo caption suggests:

Dean struggles to rebound today after fielding criticisms in last night's debate about his controversial Confederate flag comment.

So congratulations in taking something that was a non-issue and handing more freaking memes to Karl Rove.

Anyway, here's what Dean said today:

I regret the pain that I have caused, but I will tell you there is no easy way to do this and there will be pain as we discuss it and we must face this together hand in hand as Dr. (Martin Luther) King and Abraham Lincoln asked us to do.

Here's hoping we can just finally let this stupid thing go and spend our energies on evicting BushCo from the WH. Time to stop trying to weaken each other. Focus people, focus!


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