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Tuesday, November 11, 2003
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Newsflash: Iraqi Insurgency Increasing


In what has been one of the deadliest months in Iraq, the U.S. Army officer in charge of coalition ground forces in the country said Tuesday that the tempo of enemy attacks has increased dramatically since President Bush declared the end of major combat in May.

Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez told reporters that the number of attacks in Iraq has risen from five to six daily in May to an average of 30 attacks per day within the last month.

"What we're seeing is that unmistakenly the number of engagements per day are increasing," Sanchez said.

But this is all okay, though, according to our friend NZ Bear and his choir of angels because Saddam hasn't tortured anybody today. Oh, don't forget that Iraqi children have pencils, too! Yup, our policy of supporting brutal thugs before invading their countries is on balance clearly worth the lives of hundreds of "coalition" soldiers and thousands of Iraqis, not to mention hundreds of billions of dollars.


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