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Friday, November 28, 2003
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Still have some fam time and travel left today, so no blogging until afternoon. Here are some pics I took this week--think of them as leftovers...

One million dollars to anybody who can guess what this is. Be specific.

I'd seen some stuff in this park on a walk with Cairo, then ran back with my camera mere minutes before dinner so I could catch stuff in the light I liked:

I was very disappointed with this shot, but decided to include it anyway, as I've done with many of my less-than-successful pics. I really didn't have enough time to compose this one, and I needed to find an angle that didn't show a cop car and garbage dumpster. I thought I'd eliminated the gap between the gazebo support and the birch, but I was so focused on the flag that I somehow missed that. Oh well. I'm enamoured with the shape of the flag, and wish the rest of the shot had worked out.

I wasn't sure if I liked this shot overall, either, but I really dug the effect of the play of horizontal, vertical, and curvy lines, as well as the varied color contrasts (Steve, I hope they look okay on your CRT).

This is my favorite of the series of tree shots. I really liked the texture.

What, you thought I wouldn't post a picture of Sam?


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