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Sunday, November 09, 2003
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League Of Liberals For Today

I learn from different strings that fellow League member Musings of a Philosophical Scriviner (Len Cleavelin) was linked to by Scotland's Sunday Herald. International stardom awaits!

One of our un-American members, BlogsCanada (Jim Elve) tells us: Bushies Getting Clobbered on Many Fronts. Good thing Jim lives in Canada.

Another pot-smoking, gay-loving, anti-American Canadian site, The Poison Kitchen (Patrick Taylor, also a fellow OSP author), tells us all about another strange phenomenon north of the border: herring farting. My question for President Bush: why haven't we invaded the Canadarians when we know they possess such powerful chemical weapons potential?

All Facts and Opinions (Natalie Davis, another OSP conspirator) is running a poll: Was CBS correct in its decision not to air "The Reagans"?

And finally, Jeff over at Speedkill points out that Andy Sullivan is a great resource to prove Andy Sullivan (and BushCo) are full of shit.


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