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Friday, November 07, 2003
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Jesus Christ

So we had a nice night out with the folks. Dinner was fab, great to see the folks, Mom gave us some of her world famous potato soup and a galley proof of Brundibar by Maurice Sendak (one of my faves) and Tony Kushner. JCS was a bit of a disappointment, but I shouldn't have had super expectations given that it was a local production (although the Lyric generally does a good job).

What I liked: Pilate was excellent, Herod was very good and vampy, Mary was wonderful, and Judas was good. The art direction was really cool. Nice, minimalist stuff, really set the tone well.

What I didn't like: Jesus, who had a very nice voice but totally lacked energy and passion; the way I figure it, if you know you're going to die in a little while, and you're kinda mad at god about it, you should act angry and upset. Jesus acted like he was on valium. I also didn't like the tempo overall--too lazy. Not a great analogy, but it was like the difference between von Karajan's ~67 minute interpretation of Beethoven's 9th vs. Bernstein's ~73 minute "Ode to Freedom" version.

One other thing I didn't like: the $139 speeding ticket I got on my parents' road.

The funny thing is that Stef had warned me the cops were out, so we allowed extra time to get to my folks' house. What's more, we saw the cop on the way to their house, and were conscious that we should go slowly (the neighboring farmers had been complaining about people speeding). And to top it all off, Stef and I had then joked about how cops infringed on our rights to speed and generally break the law, and how I liked being a criminal.

So on the way to dinner, we of course were all chatty and I totally wasn't paying attention. As soon as I saw him, I knew the cop had nailed me and I muttered "fuck". A beat later, the blues came on. 52 in a 35 zone. Jesus Christ, my first infraction since March of '92, which was the only other ticket I've ever gotten. Great, now I'll never get nominated to be on folkbum's Cabinet.

Anyway, it was a good time overall. Just remind me to allow extra time to get anywhere for the next three years.


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