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Thursday, November 27, 2003
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It's Stagecraft

Bush pulls another stunt:

President Bush made an unannounced visit to Baghdad on Thursday to spend part of Thanksgiving Day with U.S. troops, surprising not only the soldiers but also virtually everyone else in the world, including some members of the Secret Service.
[The visit] came amid persistent insurgent attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq -- and less than a week after a cargo plane was struck by a missile and forced to land at the Baghdad airport.

Air Force One, with its lights turned off for security reasons, touched down at Baghdad International Airport at 5:31 p.m. (9:31 a.m. EST) and taxied to a remote corner of the airport.

If only Bush were brave enough to deal with British protesters and MPs. Or to face maimed US soldiers. Or to actually address America's problems instead of staging more stunts. Ah, but BushCo's conscience has been stripped bare...


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