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Saturday, November 22, 2003
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The Horror


The Federal Bureau of Investigation has collected extensive information on the tactics, training and organization of antiwar demonstrators and has advised local law enforcement officials to report any suspicious activity at protests to its counterterrorism squads, according to interviews and a confidential bureau memorandum.

The memorandum, which the bureau sent to local law enforcement agencies last month in advance of antiwar demonstrations in Washington and San Francisco, detailed how protesters have sometimes used "training camps" to rehearse for demonstrations, the Internet to raise money and gas masks to defend against tear gas.

God knows we can't suffer the huge threat of an organized, well-funded anti-war movement poses. And we certainly don't want the protesters to be able to protect themselves from attacks like we saw in Miami.

Those ominous-sounding "training camps" are clearly dangerous as well. Jeebus.

The Quakers have been running such training forever. To ensure that demos don't devolve into riots, there are all sorts of civil disobedience training events to teach people how to stay calm and non-violent in the face of provocation from the police, counter-protesters, etc, so the message remains the focus, not any incidents that the media might use to deflect attention from legitimate grievances. Generally the training involves role play (from all sides) so people know what it will be like going into a protest, making it easier to act appropriately.

The FBI's actions are chilling and give lie to the idea that a police state can't happen here.

File under: 9/11 changed everything. Cross-reference: Stalin is laughing in hell.


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