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Thursday, November 06, 2003
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Fingers Crossed

Service Employees International Union:

WHAT: SEIU To Make Endorsement Decision
WHO: SEIU President Andy Stern
WHEN: Thur., Nov. 6, Post-IEB vote (approx 3:00 pm.)
WHERE: Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Wilson Rooms A & B 2660 Woodley Road, NW, Washington, DC

As soon as the announcement is made, you'll be the fourth to know...

[Update, 3:21PM: Interesting, the above link no longer works (get a "page not available" message), and the latest entry in the media section of the SEIU website is a thing about Wal-Mart from 10/28. I wonder if they decided to endorse no candidate afterall, or what...]

[Update, 3:32PM: Senior CNN BushCo Whore, er...Political Correspondent, Candy Crowley, just ran a fairly negative piece on Dean in the wake of what appears to be a delay in the endorsement announcement. Unclear what's going on at the moment.]


[Update: a few more things I found via Kos...


The Bush administration has messed up the occupation of Iraq. The federal bench is being seeded with Bush-appointed reactionaries. The fight against abortion has become a fight against common sense, and little is being done to regulate corporate greed. Yet the Democratic presidential candidates spend their time squabbling about a Confederate flag decal, absurdly letting Al Sharpton function as the party's conscience.


Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean has increased his lead in ballot preference among likely Democratic primary voters in the New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Preference Primary according to the latest New Hampshire Poll. In ballot preference, Dean leads with 38%. Senator John Kerry, the only other candidate in double digits, is at 24%. When it comes to candidate favorability, 67% of likely Democratic primary voters have a favorable opinion of Dean and 66% have a favorable opinion of Kerry.

Of the 38% saying they would vote for Dean, 82% (31% of all likely Democratic primary voters) say they do not expect their support for Dean will change prior to the primary. Of the 24% saying they would vote for Kerry, 50% (12% of all likely Democratic primary voters) say they do not expect their support for Kerry will change prior to the primary.


Former Vermont Governor Dr. Howard Dean has expanded his lead over the field of Democratic presidential hopefuls, moving away from a late September tie with retired General Wesley Clark. Dean now receives 15% from 558 likely Democratic primary voters nationwide, and Clark has slipped slightly to 10%.

Polling was conducted from Zogby International’s Call Center in Utica, November 3 – 5. The margin of survey error is +/- 4.2 percentage points.

Some have suggested that the reason people have really gotten on Howie's case this week is because, as the above polling data suggest, he's starting to really pull away from the pack, and in an hour he'll be getting the SEIU endorsement, and maybe the AFSCME endorsement later. I'd buy that.

What's very interesting is how solidly Dean votes support him. I know I'm in that category. Anything can change between now and the primaries, but things are looking very good...] 

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