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Thursday, November 13, 2003
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So by now you've probably heard that the Senate is in the midst of a 30 hour talkathon staged by the GOP to highlight the Dems' blocking of four Bush nominees for the bench. That's four (4) nominees. Not 50, such as the number of Clinton nominees the majority party (uh, that would be the GOP) blocked. A mere 2+2 (but these days, maybe that equals 5?). Boo freaking hoo.

Of course this all means the Dems are racist, obstructionist, and just plain not nice. How dare the opposition party fulfill their duty to oppose? Don't they know that too much democracy is dangerous? It's clear that the Democratic Party can only offer protests, pessimism and political hate speech. Poopyheads.

What really burns me is that the GOP, party of petulant children, is ignoring the needs of real American children. Ted Kennedy echoes my thoughts:

Thirty hours on judges?" said Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Massachusetts, at the Democrats' late-night rally. "There are 13 million hungry children in America tonight but Republicans don't have time to debate that."

Perhaps it's realistic views like this that earned Kennedy the George Bush Award for Excellence in Public Service: he actually cares about public service.

A lot of commentators in the blogosphere, myself included, have been saying we've got ourselves a one party state. Well, my tongue has firmly been planted in cheek, but it does seem that the GOP really believes it. It's gratifying to see that maybe the Democrats don't.


[Update: League member AND THEN... has an excellent take on Frist's slumber party. This is also a TTLB Showcase entry, so vote for it!]

[Another update: more coverage at BBWW and MercuryX23. (also check out Merc's suggestion that Dems go on strike.] 

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