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Sunday, November 02, 2003
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Faux Tough On Rummy?

Did anyone else think that even Tony Snow was pretty tough (for Faux) on Rummy this AM?

Snow: ...Doesn't today strike you as an act of resolve rather than desperation?

Rumsfeld: Well, I wouldn't put it that way, Tony...
Snow: Secretary, that's understood, but there are also reports today that people were dancing -- in fact, there was a report of one young man dancing around and laughing with an American soldier's helmet on his head. It's not as if these people are working entirely in isolation. As a matter of fact, a place like Fallujah, there is a fair number of people who are resisting the United States...

Rumsfeld: Tony, sighting a single young person dancing around cheering when something adverse happens is a fact, I am sure that there was somebody doing that. It's also a fact that there are 20 million, 23 million people in that country who have been liberated, and the overwhelming majority are very much in support of the coalition. They want Saddam Hussein gone.
Snow: But we are talking on a day when more American servicemen have died than on any day since the end of combat in April, and a lot of Americans are concerned again about the tactics we're going after...
Help us out, though, with the situation right now -- is the security situation deteriorating?

Rumsfeld: Any time you have an attack -- a successful attack on a helicopter, and you have to say it is a tragic day for those people who were killed and wounded. We know that. But there are going to be days like that. There are going to be days where large numbers of people, as yesterday, are killed. That's what war is about.
[I]t's the Iraqi people who are going to have win this battle.

Snow: You keep saying that. Is it not also the case that the Iraqi people, like anybody under occupation, don't like being occupied, and they want us out sooner rather than later?

Maybe Rummy has lost his mojo.


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