Dohiyi Mir
    In Which NTodd Says His Peace

Sunday, November 30, 2003
Go to the new DM blog.

Durak No More

Sorry, Steve, but one more meta-blogging note. The Commissar has added DM to his Map of Blogosphere. I noted this development in his confessions thread:

Tovarisch, our entire kolkhoz is extremely pleased with your addition of Dohiyi Mir to your glorious map, and in the appropriate Soviet, sovereign nation* as well. Molodyets!

I take back calling The Wise Commissar a poopy head and durak, while reserving the right to call him such names in the future if I'm feeling peeved or snarky or just want to have a little fun.


* DM has been placed in Ukraine, which as my faithful readers know, is where part of my family hails from. 

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