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Sunday, November 09, 2003
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Dean Dominates The Cycle

On our way to dinner, we listened to Weekend Edition. Biggest news, of course, was the breaking story about the bombing in Riyadh, but that was followed by a piece on Dean skipping Federal matching funds, including a phone interview with Ho-Ho himself. Only then did they go to other news on Iraq casualties, etc.

Howie's also dominating the heds online:

* WaPo - Dean Shakes Up Race; Dean Declines Public Campaign Funds.

* NYTimes - Dean's New Steps Reshape Contest; Dean to Forgo Public Financing .

* CNN - Dean skips public funding for White House bid.

WaPo's main Dean article was quite positive, and has this telling tidbit:

[Dean's rivals'] best hope -- attacking Dean for switching positions on politically popular programs or making controversial remarks -- does not appear to be working

Illustrating how clueless the other Dems are, the very next graf says:

Strategists for several candidates said the campaign is going to get even nastier and more personal in the weeks ahead. Their plan is to try to drive a wedge between Dean and his liberal base...

How stupid can they be? I'm not sure if that's a rhetorical question...

Anyway, Howie has once again kicked ass this week. Still a looong way to go, but it seems to this self-annointed pundit that the nomination, and the general election, is his to lose.


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