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Monday, November 03, 2003
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Close The Door, It's Getting Drafty

By way of Leah A at corrente, I read this Salon article (get the Day Pass): Oiling up the draft machine? - The Pentagon is quietly moving to fill draft board vacancies nationwide. While officials say there's no cause to worry, some experts aren't so sure.

As I noted in the comment thread over at The Blog of 4, my dad was first classified 1-A-O (since he wasn't a birthright Quaker), but after he reapplied and unequivocally stated that he would not serve the military in any capacity, they finally got the clue and made him 1-O. He did physical therapy at the Williamsport, PA, hospital for his alternative service.

I was born a Quaker, so presumably wouldn't have the same difficulties Dad had, even if I were of draft age. This got me musing: would my local draft board would accept a Quaker? Maybe I could apply and destroy the system from within, saving non-Quaker kids from a dreadful fate. Yeah, yeah, I know...

Anyway, it might be time for everybody to brush up on how the draft works. One of my fave sites, How Stuff Works, has some info. If BushCo has fucked us up so much that we need a draft, will America finally wake up to how dangerous his administration is?


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