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Saturday, November 29, 2003
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Century Mark

100 "coalition" deaths this month in Iraq. 316 wounded. That's not counting 6 Spanish intel officers who were just killed today.

CENTCOM trumpets the 30% decrease in attacks against our troops, but there has been a 100% increase in attacks on government officials, security forces, and civilians. Almost 7 months after major combat operations were declared over, and still no security or stability in Iraq. Our presence has fostered this situation, and we're not helping it improve. And while we're told we can't/won't abandon Iraq, soldiers and civilians continue to die, and we throw billions of good dollars after bad.

As I noted over at Atrios, wingers will haul out the "he gassed his own people, and killed 200k Iraqis" line as though that magically makes our actions just. Leaving aside the 9000 Iraqi civilians (and goodness knows how many soldiers) we killed this go 'round, leaving aside the dreadful impact of sanctions that killed tens of thousands of Iraqi children, leaving aside the weapons and support we provided Saddam over the years, etc, we've wasted treasure that could have gone to addressing real national and global problems that would have on balance done greater good than removing Saddam.

How many people get infected with AIDS throughout the world because they don't have adequate education, condoms, and healthcare? How many people live in poverty in the world? How many people are starving? So much good could have been done if Bush had real moral clarity. Instead, the PNAC obsession with Saddam has damaged our ability to be a positive force in the world.

What's more, our humanitarian approach to the issues facing us today could have the added benefit of addressing the root causes of terrorism. Alas, BushCo chose a destructive, rather than constructive, path and it is harming the security and stability of the entire globe.

If the last century was the American Century, what are we making this century into?


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