Dohiyi Mir
    In Which NTodd Says His Peace

Saturday, November 29, 2003
Go to the new DM blog.


Here are a few places to go today while you anxiously await my throwing off the shackles of lameness:

* BBWW discusses the brewing culture war, brought to you by Pat Puke-anan. I think some of this is about Mustang Bobby's quest for a toaster.

* The Modulator points us to some photos of NYC and San Fran. An interesting look at the mundane.

* The Mahablog shares some thoughts on Bush's heroism. Sigh, Bush is so super and heroic. Not.

* The Poison Kitchen tells the story of Canadian Thanksgiving, which apparently has nothing to do with ours. When are we just going to invade and stop the godless commies from subverting all that is sacred?

* The Politburo Diktat ignores one of the most influential blogs in the universe (mine) in creating a world map of the blogowhatever. The outrageous omission has been duly noted, and this insult will never be forgotten.

My own incredibly important blogging to commence sometime this century.


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