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Wednesday, November 05, 2003
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Our volleyball team had a disastrous outing tonight. Totally out of sync, scoring 24 points the entire match. I was certainly not 100% myself, after not feeling well all day.

Actually, I started feeling ill yesterday before my 4PM class. Coming home to learn about the fate of Sam's previously-unknown sibling made things worse. I woke up today physically and emotionally exhausted.

Minowis, the unlucky kitten we buried today, symbolizes a lot for me right now: unrealized potential and lost opportunity. So sad that s/he never quite made it into our home. There are so many lives right now just not quite making it all over the world, whether it be through carelessness, bad luck, or evil things like wars.

Sam also represents a lot: hope. Through luck, or fate, or whatever, he was able to survive just long enough for me to find him. He was in a sorry state that day, but he's rebounded nicely and is right now attacking a piece of paper in the living room. The boundless energy of a kitten, full of life.

So I still don't feel well (alas, I have to go in tomorrow to teach a class in the AM), and am still down in the dumps. Yet I know that what will pull me out in the end is the realization that we'll never eliminate risk and won't always succeed in everything we do, but there will also always be the Sams of the world to show us a way through. You save one kitten/puppy/person at a time and go from there.



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