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Saturday, November 01, 2003
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A bearded Jerry Jackson and his wife were tickled by some of the hairy faces they observed at a North Carolina folk festival last year.
They were so impressed that they started taking photographs.

"Somebody said, 'What are you going to do with that?"' Jackson recalls. "Out of the blue, I said, 'We're going to start the National Beard Registry' -- as a joke. As soon as I said it, my wife and I both went, click, 'That's a great idea."'

Jackson, a 53-year-old computer programmer and Web developer at the University of West Florida, created a no-charge, just-for-fun Web site,, that shows photos of more than 100 hirsute men and lists their hometowns, their ages and the ages and descriptions of their whiskers. Registrants also can include comments.

I'm not going to submit mine, but here is what I look like right now:

I just trimmed my traditional "woodchuck" beard down to the goatee. Stef doesn't really like my full beard--makes my face too round, she says. She tolerates my facial hair during the winter, but prefers me clean shaven (I always lose the beard on the first day of spring).

Anywayz, want to register your beard? Go to the Registry.


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