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Wednesday, November 05, 2003
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Another Take On Dean

OSP author and League of Liberals member, Mahablog:

I'm southern enough to understand that the relationship of white southern men with the Confederate flag is a complicated one. To many the flag represents a complex mythology that is only partly about white supremacy. Paradoxically, this symbol of slavery and oppression is, to the white pickup truck guys, a symbol of liberty. Part of the appeal of the flag is its aura of bravado and lost causes, but to the pickup truck guys it also speaks to being one's own master. It represents a fabled time when (white) men's lives were their own, not directed by distant corporations and other faceless powers they don't understand, and which they fear.
In their eagerness to bash Howard Dean, several of the other Dem candidates dissed the pickup truck guys pretty hard. So are we to ignore them? Or quarantine them? Are they all beyond redemption?

I don't know. Maybe they are. But, in principle, Howard Dean is right.



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