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Tuesday, October 28, 2003
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Today's Bush Press Conference

President Bush. Gave a press conference. His tenth. It is unclear why.

It was disjointed. And Bush was flat. Monotone you might say. He trotted out old memes.

More to come...


[Update: the first big laugher, in response to CNN's John King's question about releasing documents to the 9/11 Commission (paraphrase, verbatim words when transcript available):

We don't want to give out the Presidential Daily Briefs because we want to people who write them to be comfortable that their words won't be politicized.

Riiiight. Another, in response to a question about whether he was pre-mature in declaring "mission accomplished":

Look at my speech, I said Iraq was a dangerous place. That "mission accomplished" banner was for the USS Lincoln people, I don't know how that's gotten somehow related to some genius on my advance team, who wasn't a genius.

He's rambling, calling on 9/11 as much as he can, and sounding really weird. Don't expect an 11th press conference anytime soon...

When asked if he could promise that troop numbers would be reduced in Iraq a year from now, Bush replied: "that's a trick question, so I won't answer it."

Answer to a question about campaign fundraising: "we're arming...raising money to wage...a campaign."

One last item. Bush has said a number of times that Saddam was a "gathering threat" or "gathering danger" (presumably to reinforce the meme that he never said and/or implied "imminent"). Anyway, he also said "Our economy is showing signs of broad and gathering strength". Does that mean it's imminently going to be strong?]

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