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Sunday, October 19, 2003
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Revoltin' Joe

We were watching This Week with George "I Just Started Shaving" Stephanopoulos, and saw Revoltin' Joe Lieberman say this today (via CNN, since ABC doesn't provide free transcripts):

"These are very serious times; we're facing challenges today at home and in the world the likes of which we have not faced together in a long, long time," Lieberman, D-Connecticut, told ABC's "This Week." "It's a time for change from George Bush, but it's not a time for rookies."

Asked who the "rookies" are, he replied, "Well, Howard Dean has been a governor, Wes Clark is new to politics -- so that's two."

The Democratic circular firing squad continues. You're attacking a guy who is very likely going to be your party's nominee, and playing right into Unka Karl's hands. Instead of attacking Dean (and Clark, for that matter), how 'bout giving us a reason to vote for you?

What's more, Dean advocates a balanced, thoughtful foreign policy. Our new kitten can crap out better foreign policy than George Bush and you, Senator.


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