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Saturday, October 18, 2003
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Quote Of The Day, Part II

Byrd gets the nod again, edited for brevity:

And let the RECORD not stand with the Senator's words...that those who vote against this bill are voting against the troops. I defy that statement. I defy that statement, and I hurl it back into the teeth of the Senator from Alaska.

I support the troops. I would say that every Senator here, regardless of how he or she votes, supports the troops. So do not throw that old canard over here, over this way.
I close by congratulating those Senators who have the courage to speak their will...and who do not support the doctrine of preemption.

Fie on that doctrine of preemption! Fie on it!

I love it when he gets angry.


PS--Our war, of course, was not preemptive unless the threat was imminent, which all the wingers are now saying they never claimed. If you stick to that line of argument, fine: you've just admitted we engaged in illegal, aggressive war.

[Update: alert reader Felix Deutsch found some important information about "fie":

ETYMOLOGY: Middle English fi, from Old French, of imitative origin.

An exclamation indicating that what is reproved is dirty or indecent. The dung of many animals, as the boar, wolf, fox, marten, and badger, is called fiants, and the "orificium ana'le" is called a fi, a word still used in Lincolnshire. (Anglo-Norman, fay, to clean out; Saxon, afylan, to foul; our defile or file, to make foul; filth, etc.)

Good to know!]

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