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    In Which NTodd Says His Peace

Thursday, October 23, 2003
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OSP Selected Readings

You must read these posts at Open Source Politics:

* Whither college funding? - Jay Bullock looks at the College Board's new report showing college and university tuition is up 14% this year, outpacing inflation yet again. Since this is in the Knowledge section, you have to read this because my personal honor is at stake almost as much as Jay's. And if you have kids, there's important info.

* The Exploitation Game - How would you feel if your employer specifically hired you because it didn't have to obey labor standards laws in how it treated you? As Laura Poyneer reports, this is the reality for all too many immigrant workers today.

* "Backward Christian Soldier" - A US defense department undersecretary says Islam's god is an "idol" and that God appointed the Shrub to serve in the White House. Natalie Davis reports on what's behind the holy firestorm in the media and in Congress.

There's also a sort of blog version of a primal scream you might be interested in, but I won't link to it because it's about He Who Must Not Be Named. You'll figure it out.

Anywayz, I'm going to update our political compass map in a little while, and will see what else I can muster blogwise. I have yet another security class to prep for, and hopefully the satellite people are better than cable people at arriving on time: we're theoretically getting high-speed Internet access later this morning! So read the aforementioned OSP articles and submit a caption for Rummy below--sorry, no prizes this time, but still fun and there are some good ones already.


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