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    In Which NTodd Says His Peace

Monday, October 20, 2003
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OSP Readings Of The Day

Going to be a busy day at the Pritsky Farm (I wish I could get paid to blog so I can quit my day job), so you should read the following posts at Open Source Politics:

* Does barbarism, when used to combat barbarism, also render us barbarians? - Jack Cluth asks if lethal injections are really a humane method for carrying out the death penalty.

* Seeing But Not Perceiving - Allen Brill takes on Andrew Sullivan's blindness when it comes to who's really behind the anti-gay positions of the Catholic Church.

* Scandal and Politricks - UK Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith faces the political battle of his life. And, as Natalie Davis reports, those who stand to be the biggest losers are the British people.

I will be taking blog breaks today, so do check back for more of my wit, wisdom, or whatever makes you obsessively reload this site. Well, I'll try to deliver on the "whatever".


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