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Friday, October 17, 2003
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New Member Of The Household

I had just let our cat Saffron out this morning, and was puttering in the garage when I heard a strange, soft yowl. I thought it was Saffron getting sick or hurt or something, but when I looked around the corner, she was just sitting on the top porch step with no signs of distress. Heard the yowl again, and it sorta sounded like an injured seagull I found once, so I walked around looking for a hurt bird. Still nothing. Once more I heard the sound (by then I was wondering if it were a wounded giraffe) and then I saw a little head peek out from behind a rolled up rug we have in the corner of the garage.

A teeny teeny teeny gray kitten, maybe 8 or 10 weeks old, had made itself a little nest of sorts in a fold in the rug. Feisty little bugger, biting and clawing like a Tasmanian Devil when I extracted her--I fortunately had presence of mind to wear gloves. She (as we've since tentatively determined with a phone consultation with our vet) must've been in there for at least 2 or 3 days, but was amazingly not too worse for wear despite the cold and lack of food and water.

We checked around and apparently a stray momma cat had been roaming the area with a couple kittens. Don't know where the rest of the fam ended up, but we've decided to keep this one. Going to the vet on Wednesday to have her checked out.

No name as yet, and she still doesn't completely trust us, but she's in a warm, comfy corner of our little library, chomping on a bowl of Saffy's kibble until we get her some appropriate kitten food. Saffron doesn't seem perturbed, but Cairo is a bit confused why the library door is closed. Anyway, I'll post a pic soon and maybe you folks can help us name her.


[Update: a few quick snaps of the little furball, who is now sleeping comfortably under a Japanese-style paper lamp...]

The first time I actually got to really pet her, and she was purring to beat the band. This is over in her little corner nest between my ancient Advent speakers, so the light sucks. As you can tell with my thumb as a size gauge, she's teeny.

Under the aforementioned lamp. She had been preferring to llie under my recliner, but just now decided the lamp was safer and/or warmer. The metal thing in the background is our heating register, so you can see how short she is.

Uh, here she is again. 

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