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Wednesday, October 22, 2003
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I/P Conflict: Reality On The Ground


Israel vowed yesterday to continue to build a barrier to separate Israelis and Palestinians in the face of condemnation by the UN assembly.

Israel insists that the barrier, which consists of walls, fences and ditches, is designed to stop suicide bombers getting into Israel.

However the Palestinians and the international community including the US see it as an attempt to re-draw the borders between Israel and the West Bank and permanently alter the demographic make-up of the occupied territories.

Israel's traditional MO: ignore the UN and international community, then go ahead and do things to create "reality on the ground" so there's no going back. It's clear Sharon has no interest in peace:

From the day it became known that contacts between leftists and Labor Party MKs with senior Palestinian personages had yielded a model for a permanent agreement, the members of that group became targets of unbridled criticism from the right. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon gave the signal for the attacks, charging them with working with the enemy to undermine the government on the evening the details were hammered out in the document dubbed the Geneva Understandings. At a Bat Yam municipal election rally, Sharon said "while we are here in a difficult campaign against the terrorism, there are those who are coordinating activity with the Palestinians behind the government's back."

Why does this sound so familiar?


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