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Saturday, October 25, 2003
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The Importance Of Living Wills

I've avoided this story for a while, but it's been pissing me off too much to avoid any longer:

The husband of a brain-damaged woman at the center of a bitter right-to-life battle plans to argue in court next week that Gov. Jeb Bush's order that led to her feeding tube being reinserted is unconstitutional.

Michael Schiavo, husband of Terri Schiavo, will return to court Monday to challenge the governor's actions...

Michael Schiavo contends that his wife told him she would rather die than be kept alive artificially, but family members dispute that. They believe she still could recover and have fought Michael Schiavo in court for a decade.

The tube was removed by a court order on October 15, but the Legislature this week rushed through a bill designed to keep Terri Schiavo alive. Bush quickly invoked the law and ordered the feeding tube reinserted.

It angers me that the Fla legislature and Bush would get involved. It angers me that there seems to be no respect for someone's wishes. It angers me that the parents beliefs are overriding the husband's.

That said, it appears there was no documentation of what Mrs. Schiavo wanted. I've discussed this with my wife, and we both agree that we would want the other to let us die rather than linger. Further, we're planning to put this all in some sort of Living Will. It's the only way to make sure that these painful battles don't continue for years, and that even at the end we can control our own bodies.

On a slight tangent, Vermont is now debating Death with Dignity legistlation. I need to study it a bit more, but at first blush I support the idea of the right to die. Again, it's all about my choices about my life. Death is a part of life, and nobody should have the power to prevent me from living and dying the way I choose.


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