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Saturday, October 25, 2003
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Going Wireless

Heading out to get some wireless networking gear. Wish me luck. I hate shopping in real stores, but I must get the stuff now.


[Update, 4:20PM: Success! Took all of about 20 minutes. NTodd is happily blogging from downstairs with no dialup connection. More to come...]

[Update, 10:20PM: So I'm still digging the wireless. For those who care, I got a Linksys 802.11G router and a PC card for my laptop. Out of the box, the install was trivial: plug Stef's Ethernet card into the router, plug the sat receiver into the Internet port on the router, pop the card into my PC, install the driver and voila!

So Wireless-G is the 54Mbps flavor. It is indeed fast. I'm sitting downstairs, Stef's machine is upstairs, and while the signal strength and quality is around 60%, I was able to copy some huge files to her machine in no time. Seems faster than our LAN at work, which isn't surprising since we have a mix of 10/100.

The scary thing is how easy it is to set up, but most people probably aren't aware of the security risks involved, and don't do important things like change their admin password and network ID (SSID), or turn on encryption, etc. Stradiotto jokingly observes that warchalking is a threat, but many home and corporate users are at risk from their service being used illicitly, or worse.

Okay, I'm done talking geek stuff for now. Maybe I'll even get some real blogging in...]

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