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Wednesday, October 15, 2003
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Go Sox!

Listened to the 9th inning on the way home from volleyball. Great series! Now let's see if the Cubbies can come back from their 3-0 deficit tonight.

How'd our v-ball match go? Glad you asked. We. Kicked. Ass. I know, it's hard to believe. We won handily the first game, 15-9. After jumping out to a nice early lead in the second game, we let the other team get back in it and tie the game 13-13. Unlike seasons past, we did not choke but actually kept our heads in the game and pulled off the last 2 points to win the match. We got a little punchy in the 3rd game, but almost pulled off a 3-0 sweep anyway, losing an epic, see-saw battle 15-13. Amazing night: the breaks went our way, lots of amazing saves that we normally would not convert, and we only had 2 bad serves the entire match. Turns out that if you get the ball over the net, you have a greater probability of scoring.

How'd I do? Glad you asked. I. Kicked. Ass. I know, it's hard to believe, especially since I'm coming off the flu and not firing on all cylinders. I crushed some monster spikes tonight, which felt great. I had some nice blocks in game 1, but none in the last 2--that's okay because the other team adjusted, which meant I forced their spikers to redirect their shots, usually out of bounds, which is just as good as a block. And for the first time this season, I didn't screw up any of my serves. Still not getting dominant smacks so they weren't hard to return, but I was hitting the back line pretty well and getting a bit of spin on the ball. Turns out that if you get the ball over the net, you...ah, you know.

BTW, our team lost last week. Combine that with tonight's match win, and we have proven that I am not the weakest link, nor a jinx. And we're at .500!

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