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Friday, October 24, 2003
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Compare And Contrast

Bush at today's Bush-Cheney 2004 Reception:

[W]hen we see disease and starvation and hopeless poverty, we will not turn away. On the continent of Africa, America is now committed to bringing the healing power of medicine to millions of men and women and children now suffering with AIDS. This great, strong and compassionate land is leading the world in this incredibly important work of human rescue. (Applause.)

Fine words. But the Nation's Naomi Klein tells us:

Bush's...$3-billion-a-year AIDS pledge has been whittled down to $2 billion, possibly much less. And on October 2, the Senate approved Bush's choice to head his Global AIDS Initiative: Randall Tobias, former CEO of drug giant Eli Lilly, charter member of the industry group leading the charge against the Canadian plan [to allow the manufacture of generic versions of patented drugs exclusively for export to poor countries]. Tobias's appointment is a bit like trusting the CEO of ExxonMobil to lead a government effort to promote solar power. The Bush Administration insists that Tobias, who is holding on to his Eli Lilly stock, will not use the job to do Big Pharma's bidding...

The World Socialists add:

The Bush administration has now virtually abandoned the UN-backed Global AIDS initiative, giving only $200 million - 6.6 percent of the total needed - in 2004.

That's our Bush: speak about compassion at fundraisers while conveniently forgetting to follow through. Meanwhile, Auntie Beeb reports:

Four companies that produce generic Aids drugs have agreed to reduce the cost of the drugs for millions of people in developing countries under a deal brokered by former US President Bill Clinton.

The companies in India and South Africa say they will provide the medication to several nations in Africa and the Caribbean at less than a third of the cost of patented versions.

Aids organisations have hailed the deal as a breakthrough, with the potential to save millions of lives.
Mr Clinton has secured partial funding from wealthier nations to help the countries pay for the drugs and for improvements in the countries' health systems.

Ireland, for example, has committed $58.3m over five years to Mozambique. Canada has also agreed to be a commit funds.

Why is it that former Democratic Presidents do more for the world than sitting Republican Presidents? Oh yeah, because Dems are genuinely interested in helping the world, instead of lining the pockets of their crony capitalist donors through crooked corporatist policies.


[Update: I forgot to apologize to Dom for posting this before midnight. I can't even argue that it was midnight his time. Eh, well, the week without He Who Must Be Named is officially over a little early...] 

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