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Monday, October 20, 2003
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Be Excellent To Each Other

Bremer Calls on All Iraqis To Be Responsible for Security:

I want to talk to you about security. I know it is on your minds and it is certainly on mine. I think about your security hourly and take some action, some decision designed to improve your security every single day. Nothing is more important to the Coalition than your security.

We know that three types of violence plague Iraq:

* First there is common crime, which affects all citizens. It has always existed, but is far worse than in recent years. This surge in crime is in large part due to Saddam's sweeping release of some 100,000 convicted criminals. Even those of you who have not been physical victims have become victims of the fear of crime. Fear of crime has changed your lives for the worse.

* Next we have sabotage and armed attacks on both Coalition and Iraqi forces. While these attacks are crimes, their motive is primarily political. Those who carry out these crimes want to bring back the old regime or some similar tyranny. They do not share your hope for a peaceful, democratic Iraq. The political nature of these criminals puts them in a different category than those of common thieves and it makes catching them all the harder.

* Terrorism, the deliberate targeting of innocents to achieve a political end, is the third and perhaps most visible sign of insecurity. At the Mosque of Ali, at the United Nations compound and elsewhere, these terrorists have shed the blood of innocents - most of them Iraqis. And do they care that they mostly kill Iraqis? Not at all. They want to take away your future of hope and replace it with their own dark vision.

I'm sure this statement will stabilize things.

Interesting definition of terrorism. As Helena Cobban observes at the Smirking Chimp (thanks to faithful reader Diane in comments below):

[T]he intent of the...of the assault against Iraq, was primarily to induce "shock and awe". (Other people might use the term "terror".)

So while we kill thousands of Iraqi, we do not call our acts of violence "terror" because our "collateral damage" was "accidental". Explain that to the dead Iraqis and their surviving kin.


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