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Saturday, September 13, 2003
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Sharon = Bush

Ha'artez published an op-ed piece yesterday that illustrates how Sharon's policies have failed as much as Bush's, and deserves the same fate:

Like a huge oil spill in the ocean, the realization is spreading of the failure of the military option that was pursued for three years almost exclusively, with unprecedented operational leeway by a group of serving and retired army officers. True, opinion surveys still show that the public, in its desperation, continues to support every new force-driven option that is supplied by the army and Ariel Sharon.

However, with every new round of the escalation spiral - the terrorist attack, the retaliation, the "targeted preemption" and the bloodbaths that follow - an abiding sense of the bitter failure is beginning to slowly trickle in.
What achievement can Sharon and his officers point to after three years of bloodshed, apart from something of a postponement in the American pressure to evacuate outposts and settlements (or is this actually the only goal Sharon aimed for)?
Showing too much generosity and for too long a time, the public has granted Ariel Sharon and the exclusive military option credit. But for how long? Until what level of blood? Until what depths of failure - economic, political, security failure? What else has to happen before the public says - as it said in the past, and rightly so, to Shamir, Peres, Netanyahu and Barak: Enough. You have finished doing what you had to offer. Thanks for the effort, but you failed. You have overdone it. Go home.


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