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Friday, September 12, 2003
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The Longer We're There...

...the more mistakes like this:

Fallujah: US forces fired on Iraqi security personnel chasing gunmen in this flashpoint town early Friday, killing 10 and wounding five in the second friendly-fire incident in two days, police said.

Angry crowds of residents gathered outside the governor's office and police headquarters to protest the deaths, which came after US troops killed one Iraqi policeman and wounded another on Wednesday.
US soldiers killed two Iraqis and wounded a third Thursday night after their car failed to stop at a checkpoint east of Fallujah, according to witness Mohsen Ali.
Two hours earlier, a soldier was hurt west of Fallujah when a stalled American convoy came under attack from rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) and small-arms fire, said US spokesman Sergeant Danny Martin.

Witnesses said the late-afternoon battle raged for about 90 minutes in the town of Khaldiyah. They said several US troops were wounded, some seriously, but the US military would not confirm this.

A witness earlier reported seeing another US soldier wounded as his military vehicle drove over an explosive device on the highway linking Fallujah to the the Iraqi capital. The US military could not confirm this.

Sorry, but this only convinces me more that we need a rapid exit strategy.


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